Florida law requires that many civil cases first be mediated before going to trial. Our volunteer mediators are the very same people who serve in this important judicial role! Why not take advantage of this opportunity BEFORE going to court? 

Mediation is NOT arbitration--in mediation you work with the guidance of your mediator to reach a result satisfactory to you and the other party. You make your own decisions! 

In mediation, a neutral third party — a mediator — helps you and the other party try to resolve the problem through facilitated dialogue. However, it's up to you and the other party to reach an agreement.
Our Mission: 
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Why we do what we do. 
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To provide the Courts of the 7th Judicial Circuit and the citizens of its communities withy mediation services that are professional, responsive to their needs and where neutrality is never compromised, confidentiality is respected, and agreements are always voluntary. 
To provide mediation services to all citizens of the 7th Judicial Circuit Counties through its organizational values of confidentiality, reliability, consistency, service to others and ethics. 
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