The Citizens Dispute Service is available to all citizens of Volusia, Flagler, St Johns and Putnam Counties at NO CHARGE!! 

Mediation is an informal and private process after which neighbors can still be good neighbors, and friends remain friends. Mediation of disputes will save you time, money and stress compared with the alternative of filing a costly lawsuit. We provide you with a volunteer mediatopr trained and certified in dispute resolution who will assist you to work out your disagreement with a friends, neighbor, tenant or business contact. 

Mediation is NOT arbitration--in mediation you work with the guidance of your mediator to reach a result satisfactory to you and the other party. You make your own decisions! 
Alternative to Judicial Action 
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Types of Common Disputes Mediated Through the Citizens Dispute Program 
Property Damage 
Consumer Disputes 
Neighbor Disputes 
Animal Nuisance
Outstanding Debts 
Landlord/ Tenant 
Code Enforcement 
Wage Disputes