Case Types:

A. Consumer
B. Landlord/Tenant
C. Property Damage
D. Bad debt/Wages
E. Neighborhood
F. Animal Nuisance

G. Pre-Litigation/Public
The Mediator Activity Sheet has been changed to allow mediators to copy the information for your records prior to submitting to CCMS, just highlight and copy then paste into your word document.  Please use "space bar" or mouse to navigate.

The original way to submit your cases is a little more structured.  You will not be able to save a copy. Either way is works for reporting activity.
*Actual time spent:(Mins.)

Thanks for all the volunteer work you do for the Community !!!!!!!
CCMS Activity Report
         Case#:                                  Date                                        Outcome                                  Judge                 Case Type and Time



                     Case #                               Date                          Outcome                          Judge                                   Case Type & Time